If your lips are prone to dryness, you’re not alone. Chapped or dry lips are a common complaint that most of us suffer occasionally, especially during the colder, winter months. You might be surprised to learn that this is completely normal, as lips are naturally dry. The skin on your lips does not contain oil glands, which causes an inability for them to retain moisture or keep the outer layer sufficiently protected.

Thankfully, dry and flaky skin on the lips can often be dealt with – and prevented – by the regular application of a good quality lip balm. There are many lip balms on the market, but most are designed to simply provide a short-term boost in moisture to the sensitive skin on the lips. The latest product taking over the CBD skincare industry and designed to do more than offer temporary relief to lips is CBD-infused lip balm. A high-quality lip balm with added CBD oil can enhance moisturisation of your lips and provide additional benefits to boost – and prolong - their health. Keep reading for all you need to know about the latest beauty trend: CBD lip balms.

What is CBD Lip Balm?

A CBD lip balm is simply a regular, moisturising lip balm with the added benefits of cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD is a naturally occurring compound that is extracted from hemp plants and used for its powerful anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and beauty-enhancing effects. It is gentle on the skin and suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Adding CBD to additional moisturising ingredients such as hemp seed oil, beeswax or shea butter to create a CBD lip balm can deliver a concentrated moisture hit whilst protecting the delicate skin. 

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What Does CBD Lip Balm Do For Your Lips? 

When combined with moisturising factors within a lip balm, CBD manages to nourish and soothe dry, chapped and flaky lips. Cannabidiol works with the mammalian endocannabinoid system (ECS) – a system that regulates an array of functions from sleep and mood to pain and skin disorders - to restore balance and wellness in a multitude of ways. Some valuable ways in which CBD lip balm benefits your lips are:

Reduced Inflammation and Irritation

CBD is well-regarded for its strong anti-inflammatory properties and is used by many athletes to combat sore muscles and joint pain. Your lips are no different; they suffer the effects of inflammation which leaves them feeling and looking dry, cracked and sore. Using CBD lip balm not only restores moisture, but CBD’s interaction with the skin’s ECS relieves pain, reduces inflammation and irritation and heals the lips to restore a healthy and plump appearance.  

Antibacterial Protection

CBD is also an antibacterial compound. By applying natural CBD lip balm to the skin, the lips are protected against infection and bacteria. This is especially important when the lips are subject to cracked, open skin or cold sores, which are more susceptible to infection. 

Sun Damage Relief

Free radicals are unstable molecules produced by the body in response to sun exposure, UV radiation and other pollutants. They can cause a significant amount of damage to healthy cells. An effective stabilising agent and antioxidant, CBD can potentially neutralise the free radicals and in turn, protect our lips from sun damage and premature ageing.  

Deep Hydration

Regular use of a lip balm assists the lips in maintaining hydration since they cannot hydrate themselves due to a lack of oil production. CBD is a naturally hydrating substance, and when combined with other natural ingredients such as beeswax, can lock in moisture for significant periods, allowing the lips to fully heal.

What Causes Dry Lips? 

Typically, the skin has a robust, protective outer layer consisting of protein, fats and dead skin cells, but your lips have a very thin outer layer that provides little protection from the elements. Furthermore, the lack of oil glands in the skin of the lips leads to problems with hydration, and they have a harder time than the rest of your body keeping hydrated, plump and smooth. This, when combined with additional factors – cold weather, sun exposure or dehydration, for instance – can often result in dryness and chapped lips.

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Can CBD in Lip Balm Get You High?

Not at all. While CBD is a compound derived from cannabis, it is not the same as THC – this is the compound that is associated with the ‘high’ that comes from cannabis. CBD can provide many of the benefits of THC without any psychoactive effects, so you can rest assured that using a top-rated CBD lip balm (that contains 0% THC) will not intoxicate you.

Is CBD Lip Balm Safe?

CBD lip balms are completely safe to use. CBD is a natural, gentle substance that is deemed safe to use, legal in the UK and non-addictive. Side effects from the use of topical CBD are rare, but stop using if there are signs of redness or irritation following use.

How to Choose the Best CBD Oil Lip Balm 

First and foremost, be sure that your CBD product manufacturer is reputable and trusted. Do some research and check reviews before making a purchase. Remember, cheaper is not always better – CBD products can be expensive, but it might be worth paying a little more to get the benefit of a good-quality, worthwhile product.

Check the concentration of cannabidiol within the lip balm. Different products contain different concentrations; a 50 mg CBD lip balm is typically concentrated enough to provide benefits but depending on tolerance levels and severity of symptoms, you might require a 100mg CBD lip balm (or even stronger, in some cases).

Final Thoughts

Most of us purchase lip salves on the occasion we suffer chapped lips. Next time; consider a CBD lip balm. A new trend in the industry but one that looks set to stay, CBD-infused lip balms offer many benefits of regular lip salves but with the added soothing, hydrating, nourishing and protective properties of cannabidiol. For the best results and to keep your lips beautifully healthy, look for higher strength concentrations of CBD plus moisturising factors such as beeswax, coconut oil and hemp seed oil.

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