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You and your body is an unbeatable combo that deserves to be pampered equally delightfully with a range of combo products that complete body care.  A combination of products to meet ALL your needs with utmost perfection.  

Properly layering your scents by doubling down on "perfume" and lotion/cream has always been the key to smelling good all day. Obviously, you can't smell good without hitting your body with some soap and hot water first, so let's start there :) After you are all washed off and good to go, now it's time to start layering on the smell goods. 

She's a Lady fragrance oil offers a delicate and elegant scent that is often characterized by its soft floral notes, gentle citrus undertones, and a touch of warmth (Vanilla). Its luxurious aroma is often associated with relaxation and pampering.

The following steps should be followed for long lasting scent:

1. Make sure your skin is dry enough. 

2.  When layering fragrances, you need something that's packed with oils and fatty acids, therefore our Rooibos tea body butters are perfect for getting your body spray to really stick to your skin all day long. The body butter will help lock in hydration and moisture, but also whith the fragrance you go with. Thin, watery lotions will not work!

3. Now it's time to spray the body spray/mist (not perfume) all over your bare body.  

Therefore, this Butter & Mist COMBO consists of:

1 x Rooibos Tea Body Butter:  She's A Lady (125g)

1 x Body & Hair Mist:  She's A Lady (250ml)

read more on everything you need to know about body butter HERE

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