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Open your senses and treat yourself or someone you love to a wonderful aromatherapy session, in your own home! Shower Steamers are a perfect way to naturally express love and appreciation for someone special. The gift of relaxation with aromatherapy - what a lovely treat.

Shower Steamers are perfect and special gifts for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Hardworking Teachers, Healthcare Workers, or anyone else who deserves to be recognized for their contributions... and pampered. They are also wonderful little daily self-love gifts- treats to show your own body care and gratitude for the amazing work it does each and every day. Natural Shower Steamers are perfect for anyone who wants many of the calming benefits of bath bombs but enjoys showers instead!

The high quality natural ingredients in Natural Shower Steamers such as these can relieve tension, relax the nervous system along with providing amazing aromatherapy benefits to your lungs and body. Inhaling Geranium essential oil's sweet aroma can support emotions by creating a calming and grounding effect.  The aroma of Geranium can also help lessen feelings of stress and calm nerves.  


To use a shower steamer, simply place it on the shower floor or ledge of the bath away from the heavy water stream. Then let the water activate the steamer, releasing its natural essential oils into the air to create a steam room effect. You’ll be able to enjoy the aroma of essential oils while enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy.


  • Most of our showers are different, so you may have to figure out the best area to place your shower steamer for optimum use. Consider placing the steamer in a soap dish as an alternative to the shower floor.
  • If you prefer a lighter smell (our noses are all different!), use 1/2 or less of the steamer per shower.
  • Although the steamer may dissolve before the end of your shower, the smell will remain in the steam of the shower
  • Numerous factors can affect the rate at which the steamer dissolves, including water temperature, and the location of the steamer in the shower.
  • Be careful not to place the steamer in an area that may cause it to accidentally wash down the drain. 


Bicarb of Soda, Citric Acid, Cornstarch, Coconut Oil, Rubbing Alcohol, Hemp Seed Oil & Geranium Essential Oil. 

SOLD IN PACKS of 3, 65g each. 

Read more about the healing power of shower steamers HERE.

For external use only. Please avoid direct contact with skin. NOT TO BE USED AS A BATH BOMB.

Please rinse shower tray after using and protect surfaces if left on the side. If irritation occurs then discontinue use. If you have any concerns about using products with essential oils (such as medical conditions or pregnancy) then please consult a qualified aromatherapist or doctor. These are not suitable for children.

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