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SOAP BAR: Loofah Scrub (Fruity)

SOAP BAR: Loofah Scrub (Fruity)

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Natural Exfoliating Body Loofah leaves skin super smooth and healthy. A natural exfoliant that cleanses the skin and aids in cell regeneration. Therefore we added loofah bits to a glycerin based soap bar which can also be used as a gentle massage bar.

The loofah is a gourd from the Cucurbitaceous family (like cucumbers). It comes from eastern countries in tropical and sub-tropical areas. It is also called “creeper cloth” or “sponge gourd” because its fruit, once dried, gives a natural sponge.

Benefits of Loofah:

  • The loofah sponge has exfoliating and softening properties by removing dead skin. It stimulates the tissues and promotes blood circulation to drive the dimpling, which reduces cellulite. Your skin will regain its elasticity


  • The use of the loofah sponge is also ideal to prepare your skin for hair removal. It gently removes hair under the skin. The advantage is that it reduces the unpleasant sensation of “tearing” during hair removal.


  • When crushed to obtain exfoliating flakes, fibers can be added to a base for exfoliating the face.


  • The loofah seeds produce edible oil. It is also rich in essential fatty acids; it is then used in cosmetics for its repairing and nourishing functions.


How To Use:

Wet the loofah Soap Bar. Gently scrub your skin with circular movements. Depending on the types of skin, it can be used daily or only 1 to 2 times per week.

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